JAC International is a leading development consultancy providing pioneering leadership, team and personal programmes that build personal and collective employee engagement. Results we have delivered for clients have been described as reaching ‘fairy tale’ levels of performance improvement.


Enso is a pioneering journey of human truth that unlocks the potential of people in your business.

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Leadership development that inspires can’t be reduced to a process



Coaching is a medium to long term investment which results in truly transformational development.



The business benefits of an effective team cannot be underestimated.





Much of the current culture in organisations depends too heavily on directive management and processes. It is important for these qualities to be balanced by a greater focus on personal leadership, team spirit, people engagement and real business development, leading people through the changes of a modern business.

In our experience we see that leadership and management capability is massively enhanced with leaders attending Leadership Development Programmes. This in turn enhances the organisation’s continued development and the ability for it to perform to its potential.

Here at JAC we take a simple approach. We focus on people leadership which engages the people which engages the customer, leading to higher share price and return.

Our work is challenging, adventurous and fully supports individual, personal and business growth.


What drives us is to make sure:

  • Leaders get ahead of the change curve
  • We raise the bar and the skill set of all leaders
  • There is visible improvement in leadership ability to deal with staff and people issues across our partner’s businesses
  • It is a creative and entrepreneurial experience
  • We are focused on the impact on the customer
  • Communication networks are developed to break down any silos
  • That people are clamouring to attend due to the feedback from previous delegates
  • It is a genuinely progressive programme

Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching

Coaching is a medium to long term investment which results in truly transformational development. Our coaching programmes, delivered by highly experienced business coaches provide the coaching candidate with:

  • An opportunity to properly reflect on the way they are delivering their role, focusing on the successes and noting the areas to develop
  • Strategies to adjust and develop approach
  • An invigorating stimulus
  • Developed style
  • A powerful catalyst to change   


Team Coaching

As part of building a team its individuals can benefit hugely from taking time with a coach. This provides an opportunity for each team member to properly understand the impact they are making on the team, how and why they wish to be a part of the team and the action needed to improve team effectiveness to become a high performing team.

Team Development

The business benefits of an effective team cannot be underestimated. An effective team is a high output, low cost, invigorating team to work with. Our team events get straight to the point. We work with you on:

  • Clarity of team purpose
  • Interpersonal skills and communication amongst team members
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • How to be more effective in delivering results
  • Assessing the future challenges and preparing for them
  • Gathering Insight into how the team is viewed in the business and how to manage it

Management Skills Training

Managers and Leaders in business often find themselves in a role where they have never received any training in people management skills. Our training has a powerful impact on how managers deal with people, the way they manage their teams and how in turn this supports their organisation.

JAC International has designed, prepared and delivered Management Development Programmes in many industries and businesses throughout the UK. We do this by working closely with our clients and ensuring that we deliver what our clients need to significantly impact on the successful running of an organisation. For some it is a brushing up of their skills learned over the years. For others it is a rite of passage.


We provide:

  • A toolkit of management skills and capability
  • A practical and jargon free process
  • An opportunity for development and self-learning
  • A clearly defined plan of action
  • Regular performance management feedback from the JAC facilitators and peers
  • Specifically tailored programmes addressing organisational and cultural demands on managers within your organisation
  • Flexibility on course attendance
  • Coaching for all candidates through goal setting and planning to ensure they apply the management skills learned in the workplace
  • Optional Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) recognition

Senior Team Strategy Development

Facilitation of senior executive teams is a mainstay of the JAC services with its highly experienced business coaches and facilitators working with leadership teams to directly and supportively provide invaluable assistance with:

  • Re-aligning strategic vision and agreeing a plan of communicating this strategy to the business
  • Facilitating and refocusing on core mission for the business
  • Commencing a shift in culture and ‘psyche’ in the business
  • Dealing with the need to restructure the business
  • Executive teams addressing their own functionality, clarity of roles and recognition of the impact it has on the whole business
  • Recognising the successes of the team and celebrating these together

Traits and Talent Assessment

All businesses need to know exactly which qualities are needed in its people to support meeting its strategic ambitions. Few are really very clear of what these qualities are. We understand that there are those qualities listed on company visions, values and possibly competencies, yet we also know that there are qualities that are actually needed for a manager or leader to be truly successful.

We help businesses get to the core of identifying these traits, then translating these into assessment in recruitment, succession planning and clear talent management development and talent leadership development programmes. We take a strategic approach to talent management allowing the business to fully make use of its people capital.


This approach offers many advantages:

  • Defines the talent and succession pools required to deliver your strategic objectives
  • Accelerates talent management and leadership growth through the organisation
  • Grows your own talent, supporting a culture of promotion from within
  • Targets your learning and development resources to maximise return on investment





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